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Our mission consists of sharing our expertise in traceability solutions for agricultural products by adapting to the different livestock and crop production needs of our clients situated at the national as well as international levels. 

Our know-how, generated by on-the-ground experience and the implementation of a diverse set of pilot projects, demonstrates that Agri-Traçabilité International (ATI) is an excellent reference point and an advantageous business partner to help with your various activities, whether they are the establishment, operation and/or maintenance of permanent identification and traceability systems for agri-food products.


Agri-Traçabilité International (ATI), a subsidiary of Agri-Traçabilité Québec (ATQ), originated in 2006 as a result of the growing demand at both the national and international level for the traceability expertise developed by ATQ. ATQ has worked for nearly a decade to design and implement a permanent identification and traceability system for Québec agri-food products. The use of various cutting-edge technologies at the levels of permanent identification, computerized operations and telephone support, are at the heart of ATQ’s activities which has to operate a unique database for all production sectors targeted by traceability requirements.

ATQ Accomplishments

2001/2002 – Installation of permanent identification and traceability systems in the dairy and beef industries of Québec

  • RFID permanent identification and traceability
  • Elaboration of a system for the implementation of a multi-species database
  • Identification of 22,000 sites (farms, sorting stations, livestock auctions, agricultural fairs, slaughterhouses, etc.)
  • Registration of over 16,000 producers
  • Processing of identification tag orders
  • Identification and registration of more than 1.2 million animals
  • Partnership negotiations with key stakeholders

2003/2004 – Implementation of an identification and traceability program for the Quebec sheep industry

2005 – Adaptation of automated tools for producers, transporters and others working in the sector

2006 – Identification and traceability pilot project involving table eggs by batch lots

2007 – Identification and traceability pilot project involving pork sector by batch lots

2008 – Expansion of identification and traceability activities in the cervidae (deer, wapiti) sector

Tangible results …

  • Registration of almost 24,000 producers, 27,000 sites, 7,900,000 animals;
  • More than 33 million events linked to the lives of these animals;
  • Processing of more than 116,000 identification tag orders;
  • And the sale of more than 8 million tags!
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