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Epsilia Inc.
1350, Royale, Suite 300
Trois-Rivières (Quebec)
G9A 4J4
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EPSILIA has software development expertise combined with knowledge of RFID and wireless technologies, allowing it to develop and integrate complete, high-performance integrated traceability solutions. EPSILIA offers its solutions to fields such as agroprocessing, manufacturing / industrial and shipping / logistics.

In a traceability context, EPSILIA’s solutions allow clients to meet adequately the ever more strict norms throughout every process of the organisation with the help of efficient logistics as much before as after the processes, by identifying inputs, outputs, conditions, and events within the company. The contribution of wireless and RFID technologies give businesses the tools necessary to face the numerous challenges brought about by globalisation. 


EPSILIA represents 26 years of experience and expertise in the development and integration of technological solutions adapted to the needs of different clients.

Starting in 1998, cases of recorded animal diseases around the world and the ever-growing presence of terrorism through the food chain convinced EPSILIA to target traceability as the element holder of its future development. Efforts were focused on research and development so as to create solutions which would address problems linked to traceability, first in the agroprocessing industry, and then, in the manufacturing and shipping sectors.

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