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Transportation Hubtechnologi Inc.
Hubtechnologi Inc.
2040, Marcel-Laurin Blvd, Suite 200
St-Laurent (Quebec)
H4R 1J9
T. : 1.514.664.1024
F. : 1.514.357.2179
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Company overview




Expanding the four walls of the enterprise

Hubtechnologi facilitates the mobility of people, products and information within and beyond the four walls of the enterprise. We help you engage staff anywhere, at anytime in real-time data capture, display and delivery.

We partner with you to realise your productivity and service goals. We offer national coverage supported by an international network of expertise.


Intelligent life is here - through enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility is no longer an emerging trend supported by emerging technologies - it is mature, proven, applied and here to stay. It gives you the power to:

Act on mission-critical information by channelling data in real-time between multiple data points and a centralised database.

Transcend operational constraints such as physical and time barriers, blockages, delays and inefficiencies in your processes.

Work smarter, not harder by eliminating duplications and inconsistencies and reducing production and worker downtime.

Stay responsive and competitive by ensuring promptness and consistency of service and accelerating growth and productivity.

Building your technological roadmap

Unfortunately, inefficiencies don't rectify themselves - one bad process feeds into another, clunky systems stunt growth and stall progress, and small glitches snowball into chronic wastages.
Addressing these now through enterprise mobility is not just about staying afloat and keeping pace with change, it's about being a forward-thinking organisation with a technological roadmap for the future.


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