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Four partners… 

A complete traceability solution, from farm to consumer…

Trace It Solution!

Based on a traceability system in operation for the past 10 years in Quebec, Canada, a traceability strategic alliance has been formed to simplify data collection, ensure the reliability of information and automate data recording throughout the food supply chain.


Trace It Solution can be implemented in its entirety or by module ... depending your needs!


As shown below four specific expertises in the agricultural field offer you a complete traceability solution in :


 Agriculture     Transportation     Auction     Transformation




Benefits of the Trace It Solution


  • A proven, fully automated  solution
  • Fast recall process: less than a couples of hours
  • Creation of added value : 
    • Obtain export certificates;
    • Confirm birth dates of animals (BSE);
    • Fulfill international traceability requirements


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